New Order Alerts

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When new orders are received they are displayed on the main Orders page.

If you are unable to regularly monitor this page, you can configure both Audio Alerts & Visual alerts to drawn your attention to any new orders arriving.

To configure an alert select Setup from the 'Main' menu

Then select Order Alerts

Audio Alerts

If an audio alert has been configured you can play it back from here.

Click Update to select a new alert type most suitable for your premises. (Please note that alerts get progressively louder and longer.)

  • Chirp
  • Bell
  • Shop Bell
  • Big Ben
  • Fog Horn
Some devices (such as iPads) will disable web pages from 'auto-playing' audio. As a result, the audio alert will not sound. The alternative option is to use a visual alert instead.

Visual Alerts

You can select from a handful of animated GIFs, click Update to select from the following:


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