Customer Registration

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The Government recommends that all your customers register with your venue to provide not only their contact details but also their arrival and departure times.

Information Commissioners Office - Contact Tracing

Maintaining records of staff, customers and visitors to support NHS Test and Trace

MyRound provides a simple and effective solution ensuring you collect data securely:

  • Collect accurate information
  • Store it securely
  • Ensure it's deleted after 21 days
  • Provide that information to NHS Track & Trace teams if necessary.

Customer Arrival

When customers arrive at your venue, request they simply text their contact details to your MyRound number:

Please text ARRIVE followed by your name to 07860 017 xxx

Customer Departure

When customers are leaving, simply ask them to send a further message:

Thank you for visiting. Please text DEPART to 07860 017 xxx

This data is collected and secured with the MyRound servers. It is available for up to 21 days from the Track & Trace pages.

You will see the messages displayed on the 'Orders' page, thus allowing you see when customers come and go from your premises.

Additional Options

If you are using the system's table ordering service, you can ask customers to include their table number with the ARRIVE message:

Please text ARRIVE followed by your name and table number to 07860 017 xxx

If a table number is identified in the message, a new 'Order is created and allocated to that table.

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