What is MyRound?

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MyRound is an SMS-based table ordering service. Conceived and developed in response to the rules placed on the re-opening of pubs, bars and cafes in the wake of the gradual relaxation of the Covid-19 lockdown measures, MyRound can help get your establishment ready to re-open on the 4th July.

Doors can open to customers only when strict safety measures have been implemented. These measures include the digital registration of customers' details and their safe retention for a set period of 21 days, as well as the provision of table-only ordering.

Some places may be able to adjust to these new rules fairly quickly. However, many establishments may find any readjustment more challenging and prohibitively more expensive. They may not have ready-to-go smart phone apps in place, nor the necessary number of staff to manage the new rules safely and effectivley.

In recognition of all of these issues, the developers of MyRound, who all enjoy an occasional evening in the bars around Manchester city centre, have pulled out the stops to deliver a low cost, quick-to-deploy and easy-to-use solution to help pubs, bars and cafes safely open and quickly get back on their feet in time for the 4th July.

With over 20 years' experience developing SMS solutions, we have all necessary technology already in place. Our development brief was simple:

  • Avoid solutions that require a download
  • Make a solution that's easy-to-use for both staff and customers
  • Ensure it's available to the widest possible customer demographic
  • Don't burden venues with further additional costs and long term commitments.

Our solution is a browser-based two-way SMS service, allowing customers to simply text in their table order, which is then immediately delivered to a dedicated web page directly accessible by staff.

Each pub, bar or cafe is assigned a unique mobile number which can then be promoted throughout its premises.

When a customer SMS order is received, it appears on your device (a laptop, iPad or tablet with internet access). Your staff can then reply to messages and thereafter deliver orders.

Obviously, we can't get drinks to your customers' tables, but what we can do is to reduce the amount of movement within your premises by both your staff and customers. In this way we can help you reduce the potential transmission of Covid-19 as well as help your premises become Covid-secure.

The simplest way to see how this can operate in your venue is to take advantage of our FREE 14 day trial.

In the meantime, please click here to see how a customer order is processed.

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