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"All hospitality will be limited to table service and our guidance will encourage minimal contact between staff and customers."

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson

Clearly, the government is keen to avoid customers queuing at counters and bars, standing around and consequently breaching social distancing guidelines. However, we appreciate that for many establishments providing such a table service will be prohibitively expensive, especially when additional staffing arrangements are required. We therefore understand why many of our clients may wish to utilise MyRound as a bar collection service. Bearing this in mind, we must, of course, caution you that using MyRound for bar collections is only ever appropriate if it is both safe and legal for you to do so. You must, at all times, follow government guidelines to keep your premises 'Covid-secure'.

Essentially, it is up to each venue to undertake its own risk assessment on how it can operate safely and, if necessary, seek independent legal advice. Using MyRound as a bar collection service is only ever appropriate if it is completely safe and legal to do so.

If you can operate a safe collection service, the following gives an example of how you might ask customers to place an order:

"To order drinks from the Bull's Head, please send an SMS Message to 07860 017 xxx telling us what you would like. We will prepare your order and send an SMS in reply when it is ready to collect from the collection point at the end of the bar.

Please pay by card, if at all possible, and do not approach the bar until your order is ready."

A customer can just send a short and simple text message:

Within moments the order will appear on your laptop, iPad or tablet:

Optionally, MyRound can send a response, informing your customer that the order has been received. Please see Automated Messages.

Once the order is ready and the order collection point is clear, an automated reply message can be sent informing the customer that his or her order is ready for collection.

Using this collection method, you can operate your venue with the minimum number of staff and, at the same time, ensure your bar area is kept clear of people queuing or milling around who are trying to place an order.

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